Previous and Current Campaigns

A timeline of our recent campaigns

The Black Cap Pub closure

Campaign type:  Community redress


What we are doing:


The Closet Tracker Industry

Campaign type:  Financial redress


What we are doing:


Link for Freedom Foundation

LFF Banner

Campaign type:  Political pressure group

Reason:  To assist the Iranian Opposition ultimately win peaceful regime-change in Iran, and focus on freeing Iranian Opposition prisoners from a detention camp in Baghdad.

What we are doing:

At the top level assisting the Iranian Opposition’s formidable global campaign to win peaceful and democratic regime change in Iran.  At a specific issue level, assisting Link for Freedom campaign persuasively for the closure of an Iranian Opposition prison in Baghdad called Camp ‘Liberty’, and the safe removal of all Opposition prisoners to safe harbour in the West.  A number of the prisoners used to live in the UK, and we are focusing on their safe return.

Campaign includes working directly with our members, UK MPs, and alongside British Parliamentarians to encourage the Foreign Office to change their standpoint towards the Iranian Opposition, and re-admit the previously British residents. Activities include campaign design, communications, management, membership expansion, and developing relationships with British political figures to assist us.

Outcome (to date):

May 2015:  An emarketing recruitment campaign to locate new MPs who might be interested in joining the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom headed by Lord Carlile got a 20-strong longlist of possibles known to be interested.  Forwarded, and they will all now receive a tap on the shoulder from the BPCIF committee members.  Very successful, we thought we’d get about 5.

Nov 2014: Fifteen of the British in the camp were evacuated along with approx 220 other prisoners in November 2014, and the fifteen then came to Britain in March 2015. They are financially supported by the Iranian Opposition, and not the UK taxpayer.

Arck LLP

Arck LLP Case

Campaign type:  Financial Redress


What we did:


Harlequin Property

Harlequin Banner

Arch cru

Arch cru Campaign


Campaign type:  Financial Redress


What we did:


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