Campaigns: Statement of Opinion


We are a campaigning organisation, and this research and opinion shown on this site is our own and the evidence is presently publicly verifiable or available to us. We believe our evidence, analysis and conclusions to be both repeatable and substantially or wholly true. We have taken the utmost care to provide safe uninterruptible custody of the evidence to avoid the risk of other parties deleting articles, links, pages or other materials to hide inconvenient truths.

In our opinion, the campaigns referenced on this page where organisations are referenced, are presented fairly, is the truth where it can be ascertained, or if unobtainable after reasonable investigation, is our honest opinion, or a privileged statement received, such as one from a whistleblower, a subject expert, or a private or public report, that we received and accepted as true, and is based on the facts at the time.  We explain the basis of our opinion on a case by case, and will update or change our opinion if the facts change.

We believe our opinion on this site, and specifically in the campaigning sections, to be one an honest person could have held on the basis of many facts that existed at the time a statement such as a case study was published.

Privileged statements may have come from:

  • Publication on matter of public interest
  • Peer-reviewed statement in scientific or academic journal
  • Reports of court proceedings protected by absolute privilege

We forensically record all sources of our information, though reserve the right to not publish or even reference these.  We are guided by the following Act of Parliament:


If parties or organisations named on this site consider our statements regarding them to be incorrect, they should write in the first instance to amendments(at) explaining where they believe we are incorrect, and explaining why. Where we are wrong we will rectify this.  Genuine errors will be corrected and publicly acknowledged – we seek to be on the side of truth at all times. Threats and takedown demands received without explanation, and all trolling, are routinely disregarded, and writers of such communications along with their communications may be considered for naming and publication as a matter of public interest.

We are based in England and Wales.

Make Public
May 2015
©Make Public 2015


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