About Make Public

The company has come about as result of two distinct directions of business travel; firstly the reversion of successful promotion techniques for business to business marketing back to more traditional methods, and secondly a rising need to assist special interest campaign groups.

We step in to powerfully help campaigners who have a huge need and skills shortage in the vital activities of uncovering knowledge, creating legal campaign entities, and using the best of the online marketing revolution in a controlled and directed way.  Our programme amplifies their campaign voice, assisting them create their change in society or to achieve a specific outcome.

Curiously both lines of business have a common subset of programmes, methods, and activities that work very well together, and both crucially rely upon advanced research to find the right messages and angles that will get a successful outcome.

Our B2B sales lead generation services run by myself, Helen Johns, Campaign Copywriter, and Nigel Roberts, B2B Lead Generation Telesales.  Our campaign facilitation services are run by Helen and myself.  There are few pieces of communications Helen writes to Government Ministers that get ignored for long!  I work with the campaign steering groups directly as part of the groups management. All three of us have been working together for about four or five years with a long history of successful campaigns behind us.

Make Public is based in London.

We look forward to helping you in the future.

Chris Clark

Tel:              0207 183 7111

email:          chris@makepublic.uk

skype:         chrisclarkskype

twitter:         @_MakePublic  (notice the small underscore)

LinkedIN:     http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=7849347&trk=tab_pro

Want to know more about Make Public?
Do get in touch.


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