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Few would disagree that a successful business needs to be a public one in the sectors it wants to operate in, and promote itself in the ways its clients expect to hear about them.

30 years of sales and marketing experience have proven that rather too many businesses seeking to strike gold, tend to focus more on the latest shiny new shovel than the most appropriate set of activities required to dig the golden nuggets out of the ground.  By contrast Campaign groups are often very aware of new and effective techniques but are challenged with message generation and getting the campaign organisation together and powered up.

We help both by uncovering the right message and detailed campaign activities that will help find your golden nuggets.

B2B Business

Make Public work with London’s adventurous business to business people who focus solely on your business gold nuggets, revenue and profit.  We make this possible by the finest customer profiling research, and more traditional sales lead generation methods that continue to work year in year out, whilst interestingly, the social media miracle so effective in campaigns, curiously rarely has a place in most B2B promotion.

When it comes to winning your new B2B sales opportunities at a price per appointment calculated not to cause a heart attack, it is usually the simple medium of top draw customer research, email marketing, and telemarketing, that brings in the next warmed up prospect.

National Special Interest Campaigns

We provide services to facilitate your national special interest campaigns.  These may be to change opinion, achieve a desired result or increase awareness about something important to the campaign group, often to increase their membership and voice.

For campaigning, where visible persuasion is everything, Make Public work with special interest campaigners to design and co-run Campaigns to achieve outcomes.  Our work covers research (often of the sort some may wish to hide), to  crafting your the campaign message, to co-writing your campaign playbooks and creating your campaign technology infrastructure.  We then facilitate tightly organised and usually self-funding membership campaigns to achieve success.

Research and message

For both business and campaigns, top draw customer research to get your message absolutely right is where we excel.

You need to find your golden nuggets?

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