Business Services

13 years of Business to Business lead generation for a multitude of clients has shown our clients’ most wanted need is to have an intelligent conversation with someone looking for their services.

Social Media can change a country’s politics, drive people to events and restaurants, magnify a reputation, or recruit an army of volunteers.    But for business to business it has little to offer, a trusted and more powerful form of persuasive engagement is required.

Outside business networking the most effective methods, backed up robustly by Institute of Direct Marketing rolling research, are quite simply Customer Research, scheduled eMarketing, and telephone-based appointment setting.

A speciality of Make Public is our Customer Research using advanced data mining to inform you how your next customer is thinking about your services before the email series is written.

Here’s an example of what we mean.  A printer reseller is concerned to know what is the single the most important thing her next as yet unmet client is thinking about for their next printer.  Price? Features?  Paper and ink costs?  Our customer research showed it was none of these. The single most important thing was it absolutely had to work!  Everything else was secondary.  How might knowing that change an entire campaign?

It is this innovation that helps us provide you with your first intelligent conversation with a buyer in pain, who understands what you are about, and appreciates that you understand their problem and in familiar terms to them.


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