Make Public’s Partners

Make Public’s Partners

When asked, “who do I know can help me with a problem or opportunity that is far better dealt with by other experts?”, having a high quality partner I can refer them to is both good for the enquirer, partner, and ourselves.

Here are a few of the wonderful partners I work with over several years, and very pleased indeed to refer work to:

Amanda Eatwell, AJE Photography

Amanda helped us with photographing two campaigning solicitors for whom we were running high profile fund restitution campaigns.

Amanda excels at capturing people and groups, and has been known to climb into muddy boots to photograph major construction works from dizzying heights too.

Joanne Clinton & Tom Trainer, Chartered Accountant Online

Charted Accountant
Chartered Accountant Online works with small businesses and individuals providing all accounting needs from start-up through bookkeeping, annual accounts and tax returns, management accounts, VAT, payroll, tax planning, R&D tax credits, capital allowances and more.

We specialise in streamlining business and accounting processes with a G&T, where G=GREEN and T=TECHNOLOGY. We use some of the latest, tried, tested and easy-to-use technology such as online accounting which gives clients and us instant access, flexibility and control enabling quicker, better informed business decisions. Clients choose to work with us in this way because we save them tax, time and money; all with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly, helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Contact us today on 02081339876 or to arrange a free business review and consultation with follow-up recommendations on how to save tax, time and money, plus a no obligation, fixed-fee quote.

“Let us streamline your accounting and business processes with a G&T, it will save you tax, time and money!”

Johan Taft, Magnify Your Greatness

Johan is a performance coach, coaching career executives, sportspeople, and business owners to help set goals and achive outcomes.

I worked with Johan a while ago and rare is the day that parts of the coaching do not replay powerfully in my mind if wandering focus and drift is starting to occur.

Indira Mandalia, tax Assist Accountants

Indira is our accountant, and her and her team are great. Enthusiastic, always looking out for her clients, excellent at pre-empting challenges, and take time to keep up with developments. I wanted Indira particularly to work with us as much online as possible when other accountants had not got to grips with this, and today there is very little that is not done online.

Chris Oram, Finance Expert, GLE oneLondon

GLE oneLondon do something seemingly rare these days. For London-based SMEs, they provide EU, UK Government, and London Council business finance for marketing programs and other business expansion investments. Programs we supply are covered by their funding scheme, and loan criteria is distinctively business-friendly.

Chris Oram and his team are the go-to-people for finance for our marketing programs, and we will happily take you through the application process to apply.

Brigitte Halliday, Indelible Creative

Brigitte is terrific at creating a memorable corporate branding, and for the 90,000 commuters who pass the Cranberry stand at Euston Station, Brigitte devised the entire Cranberry concept from logo to layout. One of my favourites was when Brigitte redid The Poor School, Pentonville Road frontage, such that not only did it brighten up the School, but likely put several thousand pounds on the other premises locale to the school.

Brigitte did a great job on the Risk Warning image, now being used with great success to help Risk Warning win back investor funds from not very dependable fund managers. (They know who they are…)

Cindy Scott/Helen Ascott, Fly Design

Where graphical design is needed to move opinion and create emotion, Cindy and Helen come to the fore. Helen in particular has a gift for campaigning websites, and Cindy, with a long record in packaging is great at creating powerful images and shapes.

They did the design on one of our campaign sites which is certainly dramatic, and being used with great effect to help the Link for Freedom Foundation ( rescue people in difficult places in the Middle East.

Anita Jackson, Relationship Counselling

Businesses can be great until relationships between principals start to get rocky and everyone suffers. I have watched Anita put things back together for people so often now, particularly over contract disputes, and every time she does it I marvel at how quickly she seems to help people sort themselves out calmly and effectively.

Helen Johns, Results Department

“Dear Mr Cameron…”

If you need to write communications for campaigners to send to Governments who have not a prayer of evading, then Helen’s your person. Helen has a fine analytical mind, precise writing style, and an ability to explain difficult concepts in language anyone can understand.

Helen has worked with me on so many finance campaigns that at one point, one campaign we had was featured in the Mail on Sunday for 12 weeks running.

Lesley Morrissey, Lesleywriter

Lesley is the person I turn to when we have clients with brilliant ideas and are better at speaking about them than committing them to keyboard for a copy briefing session. There are many such clients in SME land!

With a keen sense of timeliness, very productive working style, charming and very engaging with my clients, Lesley can interview a client for a 12 shot email, write the text up in a persuasive style, and return the whole package ready for sending in as little as 72 hours.


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