Knowledge, Your Secret Advantage

Knowledge and business to business lead generation

How often do you visit websites or read e-mails that seems to resonate perfectly with what you’re thinking? It seems the creator of the words and images you are reading has got inside your mind to see how you are thinking, even to the thoughts and words you would use to describe what it is you are looking for. How is this possible?

This is an example of knowledge gained through the relatively new technology of data mining. It has been in existence for probably 25 years, the approach slowly emerging to become retail trendsetter starting out at Tesco’s through their partnership with the revolutionary statistical maths applied profiling partnership at Dunnhumby.

The prediction analysis part of data mining revolutionised the US sport of baseball was well demonstrated in the film ‘Moneyball’.  Only lately has the cost of offering these technologies drifted down to levels affordable to smaller businesses.

We are one of the very few campaign companies in London able to bring this set of services to smaller business B2B lead generation environment. By applying data mining to your markets we are able to arrive at website designs and e-mail communications crafted to resonate strongly with your customers’ are thinking.

Knowledge uncovered by data mining truly is your secret B2B lead generation advantage.

Knowledge and campaigns

Something has happened affecting you and perhaps many hundreds or thousands of other people. It could be a financial investment that has gone wrong under suspicious circumstances. Or a change in the law has an unintended consequences for a way of life you support of the business you’re in. A much loved building in the community has suddenly been closed. Perhaps you want to change opinion in government or in an organisation in a strong position that you feel strongly about.

You start to investigate, and the information you seek has mysteriously gone! Back to square one. You ask around and come away discovering that others have been similarly affected, and nobody is sure what to do about it. Attempts to find out more by contacting the financial provider, your local MP, or the company are politely diverted into innocuous and usually unhelpful explanations by their representatives, or through claims of commercial confidence. (We normally find that most MPs do their best to get something for you, but they also get stonewalled.).  Clearly a campaign is needed.

Where do you start?

All campaigns start with knowledge. Knowledge of what has happened, patiently reassembled from scraps of data residing in the parts of the Internet daily visitor never goes to. The deleted history of a fund that crashed is made to reappear. A twitter trail that suggests someone was in location A when they claimed to be in location B writing a spurious report about location A (This happened recently). Deep Web search using specialist university research tools uncovers an inconvenient connection between a building owner and a property redevelopment fund. An investigation into why a government ministry is pushing back on a human rights issue reveals a web of connections between a large corporation, an arms contract purchasing order number for a dictatorial regime, with the corporation employing a high level of lobbying to keep the status quo.

Everything is forensically recorded using court grade collection techniques. Advanced rapid crosschecking academic research tools are used to assimilate the data, everything is verified, timelined, and stored in a digital security vault. Then one day, it all gets made public. Insider emails start to turn up.  This was the method used to bring down the wall of silence that surrounded the failure of a very large pension fund called Arch cru.  This resulted in regulatory action achieving returns for two thirds of the investors, with a remaining court case that goes on today against a large public company, for which the outcome is shortly expected to be a secret capitulation.

This is knowledge around which a committee campaign group with quite a small number of educated members, can take on very strong vested interests, and ultimately win. For our campaign business, this type of work we undertake for a campaigner clients every day of the week.

Knowledge uncovered in this way, truly is the campaigners’ secret advantage.

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